Social Media Services

Social Media/Content Marketing Management Services

  • Social media audit and set up
  • 2 Posts Daily on your Business Facebook Page of relevant, trending content
  • 2 Posts Daily on your LinkedIn Business Page of relevant, trending content
  • 5 Posts Daily on your Twitter Business Account
  • 1 Blog post Per Week to your Business Blog
  • 1 Newsletter/Recap Post Per Week, made up of the most popular items within your niche or that we’ve posted during the week
  • Once per month we will provide you with a report, along with what changes we will make the following month in response to the analytics.

The first two weeks of the service are focused on getting your social media accounts fully optimized. If your social media is set up well, the services will begin sooner after a period of collaboration so we understand your business and can adapt our techniques to your voice. If your accounts require a lot of work to be fully set up and optimized, we will begin the service at the end of the two weeks. If you do not have any social media accounts set up at all, we may require a full month to set up all accounts and ensure they are fully optimized and ready to proceed with additional services.

Setup Includes:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Newsletter List
  • Supplementary website for posting content, on a subdomain of your website.

We provide several upgrades options as well. Each has custom prices depending on what type of site you have and services you wish to offer.

A la Carte Services Available (not included in the package above)

  • Moderate to Fully managed Pinterest Accounts
  • Facebook Ad Setup and Management
  • “Landing Page” designed to drive traffic to your social accounts
  • Comment Moderation
  • For Affiliates: Posts (blog, newsletter and social posts) detailing sales from merchants you work with
  • For Brick and Mortar: Posts (blog, newsletter and social posts) detailing company news, accomplishments and events
  • For companies with existing blogs or content- Re-purposing of old content for new blogs, social posts, and newsletters
  • Outreach techniques and strategies to grow the size of your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog followers
  • Twitter Chats- participation and/or development and leadership of one
  • For Affiliates: Dynamic Page on Blog detailing sales from Merchants
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Coaching and Education (Skype or in person)
  • Design
  • Logos
  • Social Media Profile Images

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