Below are testimonials provided by various clients. More recommendations may be viewed on Linkedin

Website Audit

Gayla’s advice to help monetize my blog network has been invaluable. Thanks to her suggestions I have seen not only an increase in traffic, but an increase in my daily earnings. I have implemented her suggestions and almost immediately I saw results. It isn’t often that you find someone that looks not only at your website, but is attentive to your needs as a website owner. She has a unique talent where others only claim to know SEO, advertising, and marketing – something that can only come from an innate ability to find the best avenues for her clients. I am very happy to have her insight on my side. — Julie Fletcher http://www.parentsglobal.com

Gayla, I want to thank you for the great work and invaluable and honest input you provided during our “trial run”. Your recommendations are just what I was looking for. I am considering opening more sites and if it comes down to that, you’ll be the first person I call. ~ Rich

Web Design & Blog Installation

From 2006 to 2009 Gayla provided updates and ongoing support to our Real Estate website. Her initial audit, minor redesign and maintenance term delivered in the form of search-ability and web exposure. Gayla has the ability to dissect a website and suggest minor changes that increase traffic, customers and sales. She is attentive to client needs and is always willing to serve as the go-to technie for small businesses. Gayla shares methods of improvement that won’t shock the wallet. I know she’s just a phone call, text or email away. Michelle Byrer – Rhodes Realty, Middletown Indiana www.rhodesrealtyonline.com

GAYLA! The work you did is awesome and thank you so much. You absolutely blow me away and I appreciate your help so very much. You have made it easy for me to get started and stick with it. I feel the typical person would have told me to ‘figure it out’ when I had so many demanding questions all the time (night & day, day & night). The support you’ve provided gives me the fuel I need to keep plugging away. Hopefully one day I can write that eBook! — Karla

When I decided to move my blog from Blogspot to a hosted website with my unique URL, I did not have a clue what to do first. I knew Gayla from MomGadget, where I wrote product reviews. I started asking questions about how to move my blog, and Gayla stepped up to the plate and did all the work for me. She helped me so much in getting my from my vision to the reality of having my own site at Fabgrandma.com. I have been so pleased with the work she did for me. And, she did not leave me hanging after the initial install–she was there for months to answer questions and help me until I felt comfortable figuring things out for myself. If you are thinking of using Gayla for setting up your website, I can tell you she is the best! — Karen Edison http://fabgrandma.com

Brand Ambassador & Promotional Campaign

Thank you for pulling together such wonderful posts – you’ve really captured how we want families to be using our laptops! I loved the Toshiba Family pictures – you have a beautiful family and we appreciate the brand loyalty. The graduation campaigns you ran were perfect! You captured Toshiba exactly as we had hoped. — Yuli

Other Recommendations

Gayla brings a real sense of community to her projects. She worked closely with me to improve my websites. Gayla does a great job generating enthusiasm and creativity as well. — Chloe

Gayla is a person who not only cares about her work, she cares about people. She’s on call 24/7 if she’s needed (and even if she’s not) and more than generous with advice and assistance. That she has worked with so many people and most of them still call on her for advice is very telling of her dependability, reliability and commitment to helping people succeed. — Deb

Gayla is one of those people who has managed to strike a nice balance between leading and being part of a team. Her leadership qualities earn her the respect of those who have worked for her, but her down to earth attitude and willingness to ensure others’ success earn her the friendship of everyone, regardless of rank and stature. Gayla is absolutely someone you can count on when you need help with a project, advice or just need to chat. — Jennifer

Gayla’s knowledge of the Web, online networking, and new media tools–and how to harness it all– was impressive in both its depth and its breadth. She works to improve her clients content, access, and reach, and was gracious and generous with her time and knowledge. — Christina